Choose the Option that Fits Your Needs

From easy referrals to hands on agent, we can help grow your business and offer more value to your clients.

Whether you are a general business organization, new agent, or seasoned agency we here at Insuraway provide you with services and products to help manage and grow your business.


Carrier Contracting

Full Processing & Customer Service

Discounted Enrollment Software

Represent Your Company & Brand

Commission Reporting

Much More!


Option1: Referral Program

This option allows you to have the freedom to make additional income from your existing & new clients with very limited work on your end. This program is based on a per-referral fee system. All referrals are sent electronically so you can easily refer and track your clients. We can also assist with client tax documents like 1095-A*, this will help your tax season flow more efficiently. This option also allows you to market your new insurance service which will in turn grow your tax client base.


Option 2: Agent Program (see more in our Agent section)

This option is for the tax business owner that would like to be more involved in the process and therefore making significant commissions and residual income. This option requires an insurance license. Our system allows you to simply handle the initial plan selection and application process with the client. We handle the remaining process from client follow up to full year-round customer support. We provide access to commission tracking and enrollment software. This allows you to streamline and simplify your insurance business.

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