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Carriers & Appointment Contracting

We know how tedious and confusing it can be to get appointed with all the carriers needed to be relevant to your customers. Your clients expect you to have a wide portfolio of products so their detailed needs can be met. We have an all online electronic system to get you appointed with most major carriers. We make the process easy so you can get to work right away.

Planning Your Insurance Business

It’s one thing to sell insurance, but it’s another to have the tools and strategy in place to maximize your business plan. Your success is our success, so we help you to plan out your business strategy with marketing, customer sales automation, and software that makes the business run efficiently. We lend a helping hand to help so you streamline your sales process.

Discounted Enrollment Software

There are many steps involved in the insurance business. One of those steps in the last few years of the new health insurance environment has been the enrollment process. It started out as a very lengthy and tedious process on the exchange with many issues and frustrations. It has now become very easy to enroll your client electronically through the help of enrollment software. Sometimes enrollments can be completed in as little as 2 minutes! This takes away a huge hurdle in the process and allows you to get back to selling. The great thing about us is that we have pre-negotiated an agent deal with the leading enrollment software company to allow you to pay only one flat fee per month for unlimited enrollments! This is huge when most software companies charge a monthly fee and per enrollment fees which can end up costing a fortune just to enroll your clients!

Supplemental Products

Many customers need more than just major medical. Dental, Vision, Accident, Hospital, and many other products provide additional coverage that makes their overall plan much more comprehensive. We make sure you have a good portfolio and selling plan for these supplementary products.


Tax Compliance Services

With all the new Health Insurance Laws enforced through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) many people are unaware or confused about the impact of health insurance and their taxes. We here at Insuraway have partnered with some  of the leading tax preparation companies in the nation to provide guidance, information, and tax help to your clients. This service allows you the edge you need wih your clients.

Customer & Client Support

What we have found with our experience is that clients need much more than just the front end sale. They need a customer service staff to help with payments, changes, and every issue in between. We offer a very unique service to our agents and affiliates in that we help with those important needs. We can be your support team without having to train and hire a small army of assistants. We have found that agents and agencies that work with us have a much higher satisfaction rate, client retention, and higher commissions!


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