Healthy Habits To Keep Your Year On The Right Track

Everyone makes a New Year's resolution, however; after two weeks, the number drops to 71%. After 1 month, the number drops again to 64% of people who actually continue with their resolutions. Deciding to make healthy decisions and actually keeping them are two separate things. Sometimes, making healthy changes can be challenging and difficult, even when the changes are small. We've saved you time, here are some easy healthy habits to keep your year on the right track.

Make Just One Swap

It's easy to say you'll commit to being a vegetarian or eat healthy all year long, but it's rare that anyone can truly make such a drastic lifestyle change and stick to it. Instead of making a major change, start with something small. Consider swapping out one meal, or even just one part of your meal with something healthy. For example, instead of the french fries, order a garden salad, without the dressing, which contains all the calories. Love a filling breakfast? Swap out your usual pancake meal for some yogurt and fruit instead. Even a small swap can have major health benefits in the future.

Get Those Steps In

The word exercise is like pins and needles to most of us, but small amounts of exercise can be beneficial to your health long-term and easier to squeeze in than you think. Live a few blocks from work? Leave your car and walk, that brisk ten-minute walk can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and release endorphins that can combat depression and elevate your mood.

Own a Fitbit or an Apple Watch? These handy pieces of technology can track your steps so you know you are doing a good job even if it doesn't feel like it. The average American walks between 3000-4000 steps a day, but 10,000 steps provide a good balance between exercise and weight loss. Some insurance companies will even subsidize the cost of these nifty watches to help you get healthy.


Every doctor or even human with general health knowledge will tell you to quit smoking but if that's not something you can achieve this year, it doesn't mean there aren't other options to restore some healthy balance to your life.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Consider cutting out sugar for the year. Sugar and carbs come with endless negative health benefits and often cause weight gain. Cutting sugar out of your diet can lower your risk of diabetes, help you lose weight, and affect your health in a number of other beneficial ways.

Obsessed with caffeine? While coffee isn't necessarily bad for you, what you put it in can be. If you swing by Dunkin Donuts every morning for that light and sweet coffee, you may want to reconsider. Limiting caffeine, sugar, and dairy has many of the same benefits as eliminating sugar from your diet.

Find What Works For You

Making healthy changes is never easy, but there is always a trick or two that can allow you to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether that's going for a brisk walk once a day, eating more veggies, or cutting out screentime, there are numerous options to make small changes that impact your life in big ways. For more tips on how to stay healthy, follow us at